Meet the Team

Blanket BC Society has been officially incorporated as of 2010.  We have a wonderful team of talented directors who make a valuable contribution to our cause.
Greg, Brodie,Susan, Karin, Martha, Ben and Lee

Gregory Ould - Founder, Executive Director

Gregory, a former comedic actor and salesman started collecting blankets with his son five years ago.  Since then they've managed to donate 35,000 blankets and this year they hope to set a record, given the freezing cold weather we're experiencing in Vancouver.  Emma, Gregory's three year old daughter is now also an active participant and important decision maker on the team. Gregory works on the Canada Line/ProTrans BC and has successfully enlisted their support in collecting blankets from commuters for two years.  November 26 has officially been proclaimed Blanket BC Day in Vancouver.  

Ben Ould, Co-Founder/ Hon. Director

Benjamin started helping his dad collecting blankets for the homeless at the tender age of 2. 

From the beginning, Ben has shown a unique sense of sharing and helping others. It is exactly this attitude which instills the core values of Blanket BC; generosity, pride and altruism.

Ben's giving demeanor has been a great source of inspiration to family (including his little sister Emma) and peers alike. We continuously learn from Ben, and his behavior is what motivates so many to help others. 

Brodie Gunning

Brodie is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Media Merchants. Brodie pushes the Media Merchants forward with an entrepreneurial drive, producing results-based work leading to internationally recognized and award winning campaigns. In 2005, Brodie co-founded the Media Merchants, taking his background in film to perfect projection and interactive advertising. When not working, Brodie spends quality time with his wife, and two children.

Christina Szokendi, Creative Director & Marketing

As the owner of Pivotal Concepts Design and Communication Studio, Christina has adopted Blanket BC as the company's charity.  She serves on the board and is responsible for all design and communication tasks including the Blanket BC brand, website, blog, social media and search engine optimization as well as fundraising events and media relations.  Visit to see her full portfolio of clients. 

"Greg is an amazingly creative, warm and caring individual with a big heart.  He brings joy to everyone he meets at work and personally and he's an amazing parent and role model. I feel privileged to be part of such a wonderful team with such a great cause."  

Lee Cockrill

Lee is the Director of Operations for PROTRANS BC who operate the Canada Line in Vancouver. He has 23 years experience in the rail industry, 20 of these in a management role. Lee has also worked on several rail transit systems in Europe and North America that operate in diversified urban areas and this often brought him into contract with people who were less fortunate than others including those spending life on the streets. For a number of years Lee had been looking for a way to help to these individuals but wanted to do more than just make a donation. This all changed when he met Greg and learned more about the dedication and vision Greg has to helping people through Blanket BC. PROTRANS BC has supported Blanket BC from the first “Drive on the Line” in 2010 and Lee was very happy when Greg gave him the opportunity to become more involved in Blanket BC and become a board member in the charity. 

“My aim is to assist Greg with this great cause and help as many people as we can with the simple gesture of giving a blanket that could save a life”.

Martha Ould, Treasurer

Martha is the mother of founder Gregory Ould and the dedicated grandmother of co-founder Benjamin Ould. Martha was first introduced to volunteering years ago at Princess Margaret Hospital back in her hometown of Toronto, Ontario. She volunteered in the Burn unit at Sick Children's Hospital and was left with a lastiing impression of her experience there. She assisted many young burn victims with writing letters to their parents and comforted those children whose parents were unable to visit them every day. 

Her experience taught her that the smallest kindnesses do make a difference. She has passed these values onto her children and inspired her son, Greg to make a difference in people's lives through Blanket BC.

"I have experienced what a difference it can make in people's lives, when others take the time to care. I was very happy when Greg asked me to help with this important cause."  

Karin Sidhu/Event Planner 

Karin is employed as a Canada Line Attendant as well as working as a relief Control Room Operator for Protrans BC.  Karin has been an active volunteer for the last few years, travelling to Orphanages as far away as Vietnam and Peru.  During her volunteer experience at  Thuy An Orphanage in Vietnam in Ba Vi, Hanoi Karin helped plant an organic garden and aided in the rehabilitation of children living with disabilities. She has also volunteered at URPI orphanage in Ayacucho, Peru where she taught english, helped children in workshops, and provided children with practical skills to help them become self sufficient. Her experiences at the Orphanages have helped open up her eyes as well as her heart to the world and the plight of individuals in need.  Karin joined the Blanket BC team in 2010 as a Director and helped to successfully organize the 2010 “Drive on the Line”. She has encouraged friends and family members to join in Blanket BC’s many volunteer opportunities and her dedication and giving heart make her a wonderful addition to the team. 

“I’ve seen a lot of abject poverty in the world and I’ve realized that it’s the smallest gestures that make the biggest differences in people’s lives. I’m happy to be part of a team that recognizes that the small contributions that people make are the ones that really count. Thank you Greg for inviting me to join the team!” 

Suzan Noori/Director of Administration

Suzan has been a member of Blanket BC since 2010. She took part in planning and executing  the successful 2010 Drive on the Line campaign. She is a newly elected member of the Board of Directors and we are very pleased to have her as part of the team. She is an avid volunteer, volunteering three days week in the psychiatric units for two hospitals. She works with people who have Mental Health issues doing various activities and exercises with them or sometimes just talking to them. Her passion in life is Mental Health and she is currently pursuing her degree in that field.

Thank you Greg for inviting me to join your team where I can contribute to the team with the skills I have learned thus far in school.

It is important to remember that homelessness isn't a way of life for most people, it's a situation that some people find themselves in because of lack of proper support and guidance.

Ron Perron, Photographer

Ron Perron is a Metro Vancouver based Photographer, Designer & aspiring Film Maker. He has decided to be involved in Blanket BC as it fills an void that is close to his heart. Due to a family life full of alcohol and drug abuse, Ron moved away from home at the age of 15. During this period he spent time living on the street. Ron had to endure a harsh winter with little more than the clothes on his back. Ron has been very blessed to come out of this tough time and it is his goal to assist others surviving through similar challenges in their lives.

Emma & Ben making a delivery to The Caring Place (The Salvation Army) in Maple Ridge.