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You may remember him from an article in the Burnaby NOW ages ago. In 2007, Mission resident Gregory Ould was featured in our paper for his annual blanket drive. Greg collects blankets, with the help of his seven-year-old young son Ben, to donate to groups helping the homeless. Since 2006, they've collected more than 35,000 blankets, and the newest addition to the family, three-year-old Emma, also helps out.

This year, Greg is taking his blanket drive efforts onto the SkyTrain line and holding a collection on Friday, Nov. 26.

Throughout the day, people can bring a blanket on the SkyTrain and donate it to his group Blanket B.C.

Look for signs on where to drop off your donation or ask a SkyTrain attendant for the nearest drop off station. For more info, visit

The family is always looking for volunteers to help.
November 16, 2010
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Published: November 24, 2009 5:20 a.m.
Last modified: November 24, 2009 1:22 a.m.
A Vancouver man and his son are holding a blanket donation drive next month with the goal of collecting as many as 10,000 for Vancouver-area shelters.

Since 2006, Greg Ould and his son Ben, 5, have been collecting surplus blankets and giving them to missions and shelters, all under the name Blanket B.C. 

This year, they’ll be outside Canada Line stations on Dec. 4. 

Ould said he hopes to collect 5,000 blankets on the first day and another 5,000 later.

The blanket drive started when Ould encountered a homeless man and asked if he could help. 

“Basically his comment was, ‘All I need is a blanket to survive the night,’ and it was just that statement, to survive, that prompted me to help, and I have been helping ever since,” Ould said. 

That year, 2006, he collected 5,000 blankets. 

In 2007, Blanket B.C. collected 16,000.

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Blanket BC, Greg Ould - Newsmaker Nominee

Iain Black, MLA, Port Coquitlam


Blanket BC

Iain was delighted to celebrate a $2,500 grant from the Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance to Greg Ould from Blanket BC. The funds will go towards purchasing blankets for the homeless and organizations that help in-need individuals and families. April 22, 2008.

Making a difference

Blankets needed for homeless
By Christina Myers
Staff Reporter, Burnaby Now

Gregory Ould is working on a tight deadline - and he needs people in Burnaby to help him reach his goal.

Ould is in the process of collecting more than 2,000 blankets - 2,007 blankets, to be precise - for homeless people. He's just topped 1,200, but he needs to get another 800 before the end of February.

"That's the goal I set, was 2,007 blankets by the end of the month," he said.

This is the second year he's collected the blankets. Last year, on his first effort, he managed to bring in 72. Now he's set his sights higher, and the task of getting more donations, collecting them and distributing them is a big one.

But, as far as Ould is concerned, it's well worth the effort because he knows what kind of impact it can have.

"I was coming out of a movie theatre, and I encountered this man," he recalls.

Though Ould says he's not usually the type to chat up a stranger, this man "looked like he needed somebody to talk to."

"So I asked him, 'How's it going, how can I help you?' and he said, 'I need a blanket to get through the night.'"

Ould says the moment really affected him and sparked his desire to do what he could to help.

"Imagine if you put the shoe on the other foot - what if you're the one who's out there, and you're trying to survive and you just need a blanket to get through the night or some food," he said. "Even just giving a smile to somebody is valuable, to acknowledge that you see them."

Ould works for Bell Canada, and, this year, his employer offered to help out, allowing donations to be dropped at Bell store locations for Ould to collect.

"That's a big help, to have that," he said.

On his time off, Ould collects the blankets from the stores, then brings them to shelters and organizations in that particular community, unless a donor has indicated a specific location they'd like the blanket to go to.

A Coquitlam resident, Ould says even his three-year-old son has gotten into the spirit of the drive and helps him with the project.

He's hoping people in Burnaby will also back his project and help him reach his goal.

To find out more or to contact Ould, see

published on 02/17/2007