Letters from you!

"I just came across your website and I want to thank you for organizing something so amazing.  My heart goes out to all those in need, whatever their stories are…bottom line, they are on the street and freezing!  I think of all the times that I have complained about being cold, it’s nothing compared to some people that do not have a home to go into to get warm and stay warm…I am going to send out an email to a few of my friends at my company and try and get them to join in and donate.  Thank you, thank you…thank you."

November 26, 2010. My Birthday 

"It was quite winter cold and clowdy morning when I started my first voluntary services at Blanket BC with founder Mr. Gregory Ould. It was a very touching moment when a special woman approached me if she can donate her hat to the people who needed the most. How powerful feeling to say of the word "Giving"...!

I was amazed by peoples reactions and pleased what we were doing on that day. They even said thank you guys for making our city warm. For me it was my best birthday ever! Thank you Blanket bc and staff."

Best Wishes,
Tina Namocot