Why did you start collecting blankets for the homeless?

While walking out of a movie theatre in downtown Vancouver on a chilly October night back in 2004, Gregory noticed a man lying in an alcove at the side of a building. Always so curious, Greg went up to the man, whose appearance looked that of a worn 60 year old and asked the man if there was anything that he could do to help him out. Thinking he would ask for food, drink, cigarettes or coffee, Gregory wasn’t prepared for what the man replied. “I could use a blanket…to survive the night.” Blown away by those words, Greg went out and brought back a blanket to that man in need. That act of that one offer has now continued and blossomed to a family endeavor to assist charity organizations like SHARE from the Tri-Cities, or the Union Gospel Mission’s shelters along with many other Churches and cold winter weather shelters that open their space to the homeless and families in need of help.

Can I volunteer with Blanket BC?

Absolutely! For more information please contact Gregory at 778-242-9940.

Ben is so young, how did he get involved at such a young age?

Ben is young, he just turned 5 years old and he has always loved helping others. His mother and father (Jennifer and Gregory) always knew he was a caring and giving child as he gave up his own special toys to children at his first daycare. His daycare provider spoke of many amazing stories of how he would even give up his most prized stuffed animal for a girl new to the daycare and who cried for so long before Ben passed along his stuffed dog. The little girl stopped crying and became close to Ben. His sister Emma is named after after that little girl.

How Many Blankets should I give?

As long as the blankets and articles of clothes are clean, as many as you wish. Remember to keep a few for yourself!

Can I donate money instead of blankets?

As of right now Blanket BC will only be accepting very appreciated donations of articles of clothing like scarves, gloves, warm hats, mittens, socks and of course blankets. Currently we are looking for space for our donation boxes. If you wish to assist in our endeavors, please contact Gregory at 778-242-9940.
Blanket BC Society's Non Profit Certificate: #S57485